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Africa Geographic Photographer Of The Year Finalist

It was like walking on the spine of an ancient desert creature. We removed our shoes and wandered slowly, our eyes vigilant for the tiny animals often found in the dunes. Sure enough, a desert ant, beetle and gecko crossed our way and made us smile. We stopped at the brink of the dune and the wind drew a deep, peaceful sigh from my chest. I felt the weight of small vexations swirl away in the sandy sea. A thought rose in me like the sun over the Namib Desert, illuminating the landscapes of my mind: we are born of a universe that is billions of years old. We are alive. We are here.

This image was selected by Africa Geographic in their weekly selection for Photographer of the Year 2020. If it speaks to something in you, please vote for it by liking it on their Facebook album. The image was taken at Sossusvlei on a dune in the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, a magical place in my home country.

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