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On Creative Process

can't access creativity when you're chronically tired, stressed or distracted? Here's what helps ideas to generate spontaneously.


Consistent short & long term decision-making helps you to create the time and energy needed for creativity to unfold and develop. Healthy routines (rest, diet, movement & play) are an essential part of this. Motivation and inspiration come from those who share or support your passion, and being open to opportunities for synergy can lead to meaningful collaborations.


A dedicated room or space - with good light - encourages and nurtures creativity.

A non-judgmental approach

You can’t block ‘bad’ ideas without also blocking ‘good’ ideas, and lots of ‘bad’ ideas turn into something surprising under different conditions. There is freedom & strategy in disconnecting from the perfection of the desired outcome when you're jotting down the raw draft. Self-compassion, hope & patience are part of being non-judgmental; they carry you through the dry spells.


What helps your creative process?

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